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Lost in the landscape 2018




Out walking early this morning .                                                      


The Gorgeous Project 2016

 I love climbing its something I’ve had to fight  for being scared of heights & never really trusting myself is not a good recipe for success but I’ve stuck with it & its paid off. I know I will never be  brilliant at it but that’s not the point is it ! Women climbers are amazing they have a grace & strength  different to men . 

 I’m gathering photos of climbs that have inspired women climbers, and from these I’m creating collages. I want to celebrate women climbers and encourage new women into climbing.  ‘The Cobbler’, in Scotland &’ Dream of White Horses’ North Wales  are the first two. I’m on my third which is Yosemite ( not finished yet )  I’m planning to create maybe  10 – 12 collages which I will exhibit around the country at climbing centres and galleries.

I’m calling it ‘The Gorgeous Project‘ and I already have my first place to exhibit at The Reach Climbing Centre, in Woolwich, south-east London. I have a rolling exhibition of work there, and The Gorgeous Project will fit right in.

       Here is The Cobber climbed by Natalie

        This is Dream of White Horses climbed by Lucy

Keep taking a peep at this spot for the next one !

New Project 8th December 2015

77 85

The photographs that you see here are all of Gran the day was windy cold & grey, maybe a place where not much inspiration can be found ?  But not for me, the birds were out on the mud flats the long views the sense of emptiness,  clouds sweeping across the sky, this is where my project starts ‘ Marsh Woods & Rivers’ . My plan to spend time around the less inhabited places of the Rochester area, photographing, sketching & then collageing. This will then be put into The Richard Watts competition for 2016 ‘Lesser Known Rochester’ next port of call will be Cliffe Pools !    

New Zealand 2015

Crows-nest-studio-15-446x576Here is one of my collages of a New Zealand beech trees, this is a body of work created from my recent adventures. Trees lend themselves to collages which is kind off interesting as paper comes from them ! I’m consistently inspired by trees so this is going to be the beginning of another long love affair ! Watch this space for more collaged trees.    



 This is the photograph that I worked from.

 Beech trees in NZ





Time to get ripping ! 1st April 2015

There`s been a long gap in my news updates and that`s because I`ve been traveling in New Zealand  ! What a country ! I collaged, sketched and photographed  my way around the south island. I saw so many breath taking sights which etched themselves on my imagination. So now with magazines, canvas and glue I`m off to Suffolk for a collage festival all on my own ! To re-live magical moments and create new work for this summer !        

Magical Suffolk April 2014

My trip to Suffolk this spring was a fine week indeed early morning bike rides and watching Hares sitting and shaking there paws ! I laughter out loud, this is the first time for me and I was not dissappointed seeing them in the fur gave me such inspiration. So back at the studio I worked on Hare`s (see Latest work) But not a one for missing a opportunity I also created collages from North Wales and North Kent all these will be in exhibitions over the next few months in Kent. I cant wait to see them !

CD Cover design

It was great to be asked by a friend to design a cover CD for the group Temenos Name of the CD `Under the Weight of Heaven`, I was given the freedom to do what ever I wanted, it felt daunting and exciting.

CD coverIMG_7563