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The Castle Climbing Centre Mid April 2020

I’m very happy to announce that I will be showing my work for the second time at The Castle from Mid April  to mid May 2020 you will be able to see a collection of collages of classic climbs  around England, Scotland & Wales even better you will be able to buy them ! Great cafe great coffee address Green Lanes London N4 2HA

Gravesham Arts Sponsored Artist 2018/2019

I have pleasure in announcing that I’m sponsored artist for Gravesham arts 2018/2019 . Working along side artist  Jacqueline Byrne. Our project called ‘ Inside Out’ we will running workshop & exhibiting next year.

Our workshops allow individuals to explore and express themselves though Collage.  We will be use scraps of paper, fabric, words, materials and found things from our boxes of treasure and on site locations. 
We will encourage free thinking and self expression through the creative process of making vision boards & much more. 
The boards will be a tool to examine inner self image and thoughts alongside looking outwards into our known worlds.  When we look, really look, we find unexpected and often hidden treasures both inside and outside of our everyday living experience.

Open studios at The Crow’s Nest

I would love to see you over the next few months. My studio/ house will be open come along & see my collages see how I put one together. Originals, prints & cards will be for sale. Drink tea eat cake & enjoy the atmosphere.

South east open studios opening times

Friday to Sunday16th 17th 18th 23rd 24th 25th June 12-7

Medway open studios

Saturday Sunday 22nd 23rd July 12-6

There  is so much to see, come along.