The latest Ripping News

Last week,

I just needed to take a peep at the Thames to see how high the high tide

was !

I battled my way down over soggy marshes,

shimmied my way round muddy puddles

and was batted by the wind !

This was nothing compared to what the sea wall was like !

The wind was relentlessly pounding and the tide lashed the land

(very different to the week before, where is was calm,

crisp, sharp with a sunrise that filled me with excitement).

I love this place!

Happy new year to you all !

This year is going to be a fantastic arty one.

But first, here is a collage from Tenerife.

Collage & Charcoal !

Brilliant Landscape!

No name88
I recently spent a week there, sketching my heart out and climbing.

The landscape on the island was incredible!

I couldn’t wait to make these when I returned home.

Oh and to add to the drama- I lost my sketch book whilst I was there.

I felt absolutely devastated,

but with help from my great climbing chums, we found it which was a massive relief!
I’m a member of the Cloud appreciation society and they email a photograph every day.

Most of the photos are of clouds, but one day it was a satellite photo of the earth!

I just had to create it as a collage and then got carried away!

These two are for sale & are currently at

‘The Reach’ climbing centre in Woolwich, London.

Collaged Blue Planet
Harvest Moon60
So here’s what I’m up to this year so far:

The Castle Climbing Centre London (April ~ May)

I’ll be showing ‘The Gorgeous Project’- take a look at this link,

http://www.fionaspirals.co.uk/gorgeous-project-2/ its Gorgeous!

Also, I’ll be creating new work of classic climbs of this fair isle.

I’m very excited about this show! If any of you are climbers and you have a particular

classic climb that you love, please do get in touch with me!

Higham Station

is crammed with my collages in the waiting room. Station opening

hours are: Monday ~ Friday 6am ~ 1pm

Higham residents get to peruse my work whilst waiting for their train.

The Reach, Woolwich

has an ongoing exhibition of my work in the foyer, cafe & Yoga studio, which are all for sale.

Marshy Mudflats & the wreck

St Andrews Arts Centre Gravesend

14th 19th August

Come & experience The Marsh collages, photographs, sculpture film & sound !

The Blake Gallery

Woodville Halls, Gravesend 11th 27th September)

I will be showing collages, sketches & photographs.

The Halpin Gallery

Chatham 14th 21st October)

Colony Show (a community of artists)

A great and varied selection of art by local artists.

I will be running workshops throughout the summer

too- check out my website for details !

Meanwhile, hang on tight Spring is nearly here…..

A big thank you for reading this! If you would like a special collage, I am happy to take

commissions, please get in touch- lets talk!

See you soon