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Hi, happy springtime!

The starlings are out of there nests & bombarding my garden, with parents franticly

feeding ! It always a joy to see their antics, so spring is really here at last

& it’s been far too long since I’ve been in touch

My exhibition of Classic Climbs at The Castle Climbing Wall in London has been

extended I’m happy to say its been very popular !I have collages at The Reach

Climbing centre Woolwich too. I feel very pleased I’m able to exhibit at these places.

The big news is I will have work on display at St James Church at Cooling, Kent. This is

part of the Estuary Festival 2021, and my exhibition there is from the 22nd May to 13th


Estuary Festival celebrates the lives, landscapes and histories of the spectacular

Thames Estuary on the Essex side & North Kent too.

I’m so excited to be part of it. If you’re local its well worth a visit and St James Church is

wonderful, in the care of Churches Conservation Trust, only a few miles from Higham

Here is my newest creation Ive called this one ‘An Orchestra of Avocets’
An orchestra of Avocets
I’m looking at The Marsh with fresh eyes & ears with my new zoom sound recorderits a

lot of fun.

One last bit of news: I’m writing a book, a memoir. It’s not too many words, and lots of

pictures: photos collages poems & maps !

Hoping this news letter finds you well