Photographing & collaging is my thing. Looking through my lens, I see collage.

Where I live always inspires me. The road I live on is Church Street, in the village of Higham in Kent, south-east England. The ancient St Mary’s Church is at the end, with its thousand years of history. Although I’m not religious, I love St Mary’s, which stands on a slight hill that drops away towards the marshes & the Thames. In the middle ages St Mary’s was at the centre of the old village of Higham with its busy ferry carrying folks back and forth across the river Thames to Essex. It’s so evocative.


I tramp the marsh with my camera & sketch book. They focus my attention and allow me to capture details and textures for my collages. My inspiration always comes from nature, being drawn to places were there are not many people. What I love about around here is the wildlife, the grasses, the water, the wide expanses, the ever-changing tidal mudflats, the relics of old wooden piers and ships, and that big, big sky. On foot and in my kayak I have explored here for over 30 years, plus all over the river Medway, and the wider coast of the Thames Estuary. I’m also inspired by travels to distant places – see my work on New Zealand’s dramatic landscapes.

As an artist, these landscapes never fail to inspire me to create collages with dramatic contrasts, but full of hidden elements. I love collage for that reason – I smuggle in tiny images within the whole piece. Take a closer look and you will be surprised by what you find. I create the work in my ‘Crow’s Nest’ studio at the top of the house, which you can visit during Open Studios weeks in the summer or when you commission me. Once I get the photograph up on the screen and start planning the work, I get transported straight into the landscape. Join me there.

PS. I am dyslexic! Lots of artists are, and I don’t let it stop me. If you find the odd typo on my website, that’ll be why.