Photographing sketching & collaging is my thing

Looking through my lens I see a collage.

Walking the marshes next to the Thames estuary in Kent with my camera & sketch book helps me focus my attention and allows me to capture details and textures for my work

I always use climbing magazines for ripping or cutting & sticking

(I also love climbing)

My inspiration comes from nature, I’m drawn to places were there are not many people.

I have explored this area for over 30 years: The wildlife, the grasses, the water, the ever-changing tidal mudflats, the relics of old wooden piers and ships & the vast open skies.

I have written about my adventures kayaking on the river Medway back in the 90s – this is where it all started.

I love writing & have struggled with dyslexia all my life.

It can be a curse but also a gift as I see life in a different way.

Its important to remind myself to be kind to me.