I love climbing its something I’ve had to fight for being scared of heights & never really trusting myself is not a good recipe for success but I’ve stuck with it & its paid off. I know I will never be brilliant at it but that’s not the point is it ! Women climbers are amazing they have a grace & strength different to men .

I’m gathering photos of climbs that have inspired women climbers, and from these I’m creating collages. I want to celebrate women climbers and encourage new women into climbing. ‘The Cobbler’, in Scotland &’ Dream of White Horses’ North Wales are the first two. I’m on my third which is Yosemite ( not finished yet ) I’m planning to create maybe 10 – 12 collages which I will exhibit around the country at climbing centres and galleries.

I’m calling it ‘The Gorgeous Project‘ and I already have my first place to exhibit at The Reach Climbing Centre, in Woolwich, south-east London. I have a rolling exhibition of work there, and The Gorgeous Project will fit right in.

Here is The Cobber climbed by Natalie

This is Dream of White Horses climbed by Lucy

Keep taking a peep at this spot for the next one