Popped in for 10 minutes………… stayed an hour…….. then returned. A five star exhibition that highlighted not only the ART but the personality and passions of the artist A Delightful Experience Life Enriching Thank you

Marshy Mud Flats Exhibition

A warm welcome
I’ve spent many years on the marsh capturing its different moods.
Come along and see what I see and hear what I hear!
Forget what you’ve been doing before you arrived
and sink your mind and thoughts into the sounds of the marsh –
It’s not so very far away from here.
This show spans many years starting in the 80s with poetry and
then later photography sketching & collage.
Have a little look at the map showing
were my favourite places are.
This bleak and beautiful place with it’s wide open moody skies is so
important for us and for wildlife.
I am forever striving to capture this place
and never tire of it.