Ripping Landscapes was a great success.

This latest exhibition was at Nucleus Arts in Chatham for two weeks in August 2012. I decided to cycle there every day from Higham, and worked with my easel set up in the gallery. It was like being an Artist in Residence. Everything was laid out around me, glue, brushes, and all my magazine pages were colour-coordinated ready for action. Working every day from the gallery meant I had a lot of interesting conversations with people coming in to see the work, or random passers-by sticking their heads in from the café.

Over the weeks I held two demonstrations and I gave a talk on how I make my work. The people that came enjoyed it, and I made some good new contacts.

All in all a great success. Nucleus Arts is a great place right in the heart of Chatham, and I want to thank them for the support I got.